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Andrew Jones was born and bred in the U.K. He is the creator of the "Spiritual Evolution Revolution" and the "Urban Soul Project" coming to you all in good time. He brings to you creative ideas to live by, methods to attain your soul's purpose in life and suggestions to help raise the planet's spiritual awareness, helping us walk into a new age of evolutional change. Andrew's life has been his greatest teacher, learning many lessons and discovering his own personal truth. He now guides others how to find their own path with some very simple lessons. His book "Soul Matters" will be released in 2014 following his newly created Meditation Cards/Audio CD. Andrew has been aware of his path since 1986 and is an ever-learning student of life. Read More.
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The Book "Soul Purpose"

Andrew's new book "Soul Purpose" will be available in 2014. The book will cover the aspects of life that block us from achieving our goals and dreams, which ultimately means our happiness. Andrew lays out a plan to follow to bring fulfillment and bliss into your day to day existence. The beauty is, you have everything you require this very moment to achieve your goals, you just need to understand what it is and how it works.
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