About Inner Flame Author - Andrew Jones

andrew-from-video2Much of my life has been an incredible struggle, falling from one rock laden ledge to the next as I tried to cope with all of the pressures of living, with food often being one of the very last things to have money for. I now look back and see all of the beautiful lessons I have learned and am thankful for my trajectory in life as it showed the valuable lessons and how in turn these have been of great help to others along my path.

After my 1st divorce In the mid 90's and in the silence of my bedroom I searched for answers, I would come home each night after work and ask myself why things went so wrong. Eventually from the silence came a voice, answers to my questions. Meditation became my best friend and with the guidance from others in both spiritual, non religious teachers and synchronistic friends I met along the way, all imparting those beautiful nuggets of information I never knew I needed. I found my path, an answer to a silent inner yearning that maybe I could be of assistance, where my input may count in someone else's life as so many have guided me. NOT to say, "Hey, this is the way, the only way" But more to say "here are some tools that help me heal my life, heal my fears, directed me to align my personality to my soul's truest course in life."

For lack of a better descriptor, I tell you I have found magic, pure, unadulterated, life changing magic, that when used, places me in alignment with the forces of the universe to create inexplicable chances of circumstance. These forces, these moments of bliss like beauty are perfection between consciousness of being and the truest highest nature of your most inner self. A demonstrated action of intention of your soul in the physical world with a resonance that knows no bounds as it permeates the dimensions of space and time to contact others on your vibration, a little beacon of love that simply says "I am here, I am love."

All of this is a spiritual coming out of the closet for me in reality. Some know of who I am inside, but it has come to my attention, this is what I need to say, this is who I need to be, the real me, the authentic me, not hiding behind a job that I'm good at for the sake of doing it, but to be a more ultimate self who is not afraid to be cry it from the roof tops of life that we can all make a difference in the world, no matter how small the effort.

In the late 90's my meditations mixed with a movement and thought process of a specific kind made an impact on a lady I met on a plane while flying back from the U.K. after a visit with my family. We became close and my almost nightly routine practice of my own remote healing technique were sensed from over 3000 miles away as Nitsa could tell without fail when I was practicing sending her healing for her cervical cancer. At the end she thanked me for making a difference in her life, she said I had healed her (which I know that's not how it works) but I knew there was something to what I was doing, so continued over the years, improving the technique as each year passed.