11. Interview with Dr Jaime Feldman, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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In this show number 11 my interview is with a fascinating Dr Jaime Feldman, a clinical hypnotherapist from New Jersey. He has been on the Montel Williams show 4 times and has developed a revolutionary new technique called "Advance Parts Therapy" His new technique is cutting edge and can assist people in replacing years of typical therapy with 2-5 sessions of hypnotherapy or he can help you quit smoking in just one session guaranteed. (among many other possibilities)

I also talk about my silence for the last 3 weeks and the result of the seminar on March 16th in Middletown, NY and the sub sequential moving forward with the 12Keys seminars coming June this year.

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Dr. Jaime Feldman


Dr Jaime Feldman can be reached at:

The Institute of Hypnotherapy


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