09. The Inner Flame Podcast | Various Topics - with Andrew Jones

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This week I am back to my usual program, I talk about the people I have lined up to interview, such as Larry Heisler, Dr Jaime Feldman and my Dad Graham Jones in the U.K. I cover a few topics such as the people I am about to interview, I talk about the silly things people do or don't do because they are listening to someone that say they are spiritual and they "know" what is physically or mentally wrong and will "fix" it from afar with some mental of magical power or ability.

I talk about some of the technical issues with mercury in retrograde. I also talk about David

Wilcock's book "The Source Field investigations" possibly one of the greatest books I have read, that covers so many subjects and topics that to me simply makes sense. I got my copy from audible.

Magnetic North is moving 40 miles a year, when will the pole shift happen? The moon is out of phase, why? I also talk about the bigfoot research DNA results and what impact this had had on the people that are doing the research.

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