06. Big Wheels of the Universe Keep on Turning!

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An incredible course of events are the beginning of bigger and better things in my life, yet they are manifesting of a life long dream finally coming true. How I was introduced to Psychic Lisa Ann and the birth of UrbanSoulProject.com
My daughter sees a tall black cloudy figure walk up the stairs which was freaking the cats out, I cleanse the house with a smudging ceremony, the day after the cats are no longer scared to go upstairs. I get asked to do my first book signing! I asked a year or two ago to give me the gift of spiritual sight to see the things I told the universe years ago I did not want to see. Since then I have been able to see and hear more and more of the things that go bump in the night. I am beginning to see images or visions of things that seem to have a great deal of symbology? The Phoenix is showing itself to me in all of these crazy instances and it all began with Doctor Who on the t.v. I finally get my perfect coffee maker after much trial and effort!

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